Describe a flower you received as gift.

Describe a flower you received as gift.

General line– Predominantly, individuals give flowers as present in order to show their genuine feelings towards recipient(receiver), today I have got this privilege(opportunity) to unveil(reveal) about a particular moment when someone gifted me a magnificent(beautiful) flowers bouquet.

When it was ?

If my memory serves me precisely(correctly), once our school organized a kabaddi tournament. And I was curious(eager) to participate in it. On the day of tournament, I played like a true athlete and I maintained my dominance because my all friends were watching me. Suddenly my left leg got injured while playing as well as it was paining badly. However, I did not give up and at the end we conquered(here: won) that tournament.

Why was it gifted?

Our coach was extremely(very) happy because it was the first time when our school team won in the history. So, he gave me a beautiful flower bouquet and encouraged me for my well performance. It was the ecstatic(happy) moment for me because all of the spectators(audience) were cheering my name and the bouquet which was given to me. In that bouquet, there were various kind of flowers such as rose, carnation(a flower), tulips(a flower) and peony(a flower) and I was really enchanted in their fragrance(smell).

Conclusion– Ultimately, I would like to say that it was all about a time when I received flowers as gift.

Describe a flower you received as gift.

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