Describe a job that you think is interesting.

Describe a job that you think is interesting

Introduction :- Job is something by which a person can earn money without any investment. Nowadays it is essential for every individual in order to earn money.

  • What is it

Here I’m going to describe about a job which is very fascinating. It is nothing other than a job of chef.

  • Why do you think it is interesting

It is always said that food is a way through which people can show their love when words are inadequate(insufficient). I find this job interesting because firstly, I have keen interest in cooking. In addition to this, it is very fascinating to try on different types of cuisines and dishes. I love to cook various types of food in unique styles and cultural food as well.

  • How do you know it

I came to know about this job through different types of articles. Moreover, one of my cousins is also doing the same job in well known hotel. He even told me about his annual package, which is more satisfying to me.

  • What necessary skills does it needs

To be a successful chef, it is must to have proper understanding about different types of ingredients. Additionally, the knowledge about the quantity of spices is essential. Moreover, knowledge of reactions that curtain chemicals in meats can cause is also very important. So that food can be cooked according to the taste and off course with precautions. To polish all of these skills I’m planning to attend cooking classes next month.

Describe a job that you think is interesting

Describe a sports program you like to watch

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