Describe a sports program you like to watch

Describe a sports program you like to watch

Introduction :– I have keen interest in sports. I like to watch programs related to different types of sports. Here I have got this privilege to unveil about particular sport show which is my favorite.

  • What is it/ When do you watch it

The name of the show is Sports Nation, which is telecast on Sports 10 channel on every weekend. It is hosted by Karan. Sometimes when I miss the show on television, then I watch it on you tube. It is basically the interview show in which the host invites various cricketers and conduct the interview sessions with them.

  • Who do you watch it with

I often watch this show with my friends as they have also the same taste of sports. Sometimes it is also very interesting to discuss all the show with my friends.

  • Why do you like to watch it

I have keen interest in cricket. In this show many famous cricketers talk about their tips and tricks of sport which are very useful in the playground. Moreover, they also crack some jokes and do mimicry of other cricketers which is hilarious. Sometimes they also revel about their personal life on the screen and as a big fan of some cricketers I have lot of interest to know about that what they do in their personal life.

Conclusion :- All in all this is the sports show which I like to watch and one of my favorite.

Describe a sports program you like to watch.

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