Describe a meeting in which you were speaker.

Note: It is advisable to read the statement of the cue card twice before making up for an idea. Keep your cue simple but impressive.

Describe a meeting in which you were speaker.

General line – In the journey of my life, I have attended tremendous(here: great in number) meetings in order to increase my knowledge but I never was a skilled orator(speaker) due to the lack of confidence. Today I have got this privilege(chance) to divulge about a particular meeting in which I took step forward to speak.

When it was?

As I have memory like an elephant so I conspicuously(clearly) remember, when I was studying in 10th standard, our school organized a meeting in which staff and class monitors were allowed to take part and express their views. So at that moment I had to appear in that meeting because I was the representative of my class.

What type of meeting it was?

The meeting was all about the betterment of school. Because our principal aimed to maintain the number one rank our of school in our city.

What is a purpose of meeting?

Every class monitor was conveying his message to principal regarding the improvement of school. As I am sport enthusiast so my intent(objective) was to make the school staff aware of the significance of physical pursuits(activity). Because students of our school were immensely(very) lethargic(lazy) just mainly owning to they did not get enough amenities by the school related to sports. Now the bottom line is that, when I said this thing everybody was curious to listen more and I was so nervous before speaking but after getting marvelous(wonderful) response my nervousness got converted into confidence. After this I said that some skills like co-operation, leadership, time management and many more cannot be learnt theoretically, rather sport is paramount(important) to make students aware of it. Moreover, in this way every student can be healthy mentally and physically. At the end, everyone was very happy with my speech. And our principal decided to used  funds to improve the sport facilities.

Describe a meeting in which you were speaker.

Describe a time when you got money as a gift.

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