Describe a time when you got money as a gift.

Describe a time when you got money as a gift.

General line – Gifts and presents play a paramount(important) role in an individual’s life because through this he can show his genuine feelings to the recipient. Today, I have got this privilege(chance) to divulge(unveil) about a particular time when I received money on a special occasion as a gift.

When did you receive it?

Well, I conspicuously(clearly) remember, on my last birthday I got number of clothes and electronics from my near ones. But there was one gift that was immensely(very) precious(valuable) for me it was an envelope which contained big amount of money and it was given by my uncle. Because he knew I already have all that stuff that he would have gifted me. I found this gift extremely useful in a number of ways.

What did you do with it?

As being a philanthropist(a person who do charity), I decided to devote half of my money to the needy people so then I carried some food and clothes for the needy people who have been living in slums and truly this thing gave me great pleasure. Moreover, I gave rest of the money to my best friend because once I had borrowed some money from him to buy new series of play station.

How did you feel about it?

Without any reluctance I can say that, I felt as happy as larry(very happy) because first time I got that much
conducive(good) gift, even when I attend other’s birthday I tend to give this sort of presents because they can use it as per their aspiration(here: wish).

Describe a time when you got money as a gift.

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