Describe a memorable activity in school or public.

Describe a memorable activity in school or public.

General line – All students claim the memories of ‘school days’ become best after they pass out of 12th class. Because they make their real friends throughout the journey of their school life and they make infinite(uncountable) unforgettable memories with them. Today, I have got this privilege(opportunity) to unveil(reveal) about a particular memorable activity that I did with my companions(friends) during my school days.

What class you were then?

I remember precisely, when I was studying in 12th standard , I was considered a bookworm(studious) and notorious(naughty) student simultaneously(here: at the same time). Me and my fellows(here: classmates) used to occupy the last bench. And our group was known as ‘The Backbenchers’, though we all were good enough in studies. However, we used to do some silly antics(behavior) as well. But, our teachers never scolded us because we were their favorite students. Rather they used to ask us some intricate(complex) questions in front of class that we already knew.

What event it was?

Once day luck was not in our favor. On that day, all of us forgot to carry our English notebook and we were freaking out about what would happen. So, we decided we could bunk the school for a day. And we did. As per the tactic(plan) decided, we all got out of school boundary by scaling(jumping) the wall, except our one friend, everything was going wisely but, he was not successful to climb wall. Instead he shouted loudly for assistance(help) and it alerted the security guards. Thus, at the end we got caught. I was not able to make eye contact with my principal because this was not accepted from me. And next day, my parents came at school and I felt sorry to the principal in front of them.

Why it is memorable?

Whenever, now I think about it, I laugh badly because all of my friends were extremely frightened and one of us who failed to cross the wall, confided(revealed) whole plan to teacher.

Conclusion– All in all it was all about a memorable activity that we did in our school.

Describe a memorable activity in school or public.

Describe a time you experienced bad weather.

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