Describe a new store/shop in your town/city.

Describe a new store/shop in your town/city.

General line- There are many types of developments which can be generally seen in the localities. Here I have got this privilege to talk about the store which is recently opened in my town.

Where is it?

It is the grocery store. The name of the store is D-mart. It is located in the central part of my town, which is well developed along with huge parking space. Also, it is around 5 km away from my home so it is has eased me to go for shopping anytime. Before this, the grocery store was 17 km away and it took a lot more time for me to travel.

What is sold there?

Firstly, in that grocery store, all kinds of household things are available here. Like, people can get fruits, vegetables, and many household products which are essential for daily use. Secondly, it is also popular for its bakery products which are usually very fresh and delightful to eat. Moreover, children can buy lot of toys from this store, as it has a separate section for children’s things.

Who goes there?

Furthermore, individuals related to all age groups go there for their shopping. As it has huge variety of everything, one can easily fulfill his/her needs.  All in all, masses can get all the things under one roof. And this was all about a development that I know occurred in my town.

Describe a new store/shop in your town/city.

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