Describe a person in the news that you want to meet. 

Describe a person in the news that you want to meet.

General line- Predominantly(mainly), individuals have curiosity to meet with the celebrities that they see on news channels due to their commendable(praiseworthy) work. Today, I have got this privilege(opportunity) to unveil(reveal) about a renowned personality with whom I want to meet if possible.

Who this person is?

He is none other than Johnny Depp .He is an American actor and a musician and is eminent(famous) in the entire world for his admirable work.

Why they are in the news?

A few days back, his interview was telecasted on the BBC Channel. In that interview he talked about his upcoming movie”Pirates of Caribbean Sea Part-6″. He gave an overview of the movie and talked about his character that he had played in 5 movies of that very series. I was already his fan because of his character “Jack Sparrow” that he has played. But when I saw his interview I got to know that he is very polite and kind in his real life too. Moreover, his co-actors also admitted that his he very humble and supportive towards them during the shoot. Being so experienced in his profession, he holds a senior position. But still he is very down to earth person. After that interview, I become the fan of his real life character too. He is not just a good actor but an very good person in real life too.

A few days ago, he built up number of rehabilitation centre in New York because, the youth over there is getting addicted of drugs and other alcoholic stuff which is really a terrible thing. However, he is giving a new life to all drug consumers to get rid of this deplorable addiction. As BBC News channel approached him to come on the live interview, where he mentioned that he wanted to do something for them. And surprisingly almost 79% of junkies untied from that lame life which they had been living before having access to rehabilitation centre. The bottom line is that, he said on the news channel, he has allocated his 5 years of earning for this project.

Explain why you would like to meet this person?

There are miscellaneous reason for meeting him, but the cardinal(main) one is that, I want to show gratitude towards him and pay my tribute.
Conclusion – Ultimately, I would like to say that it was all about a person who comes on news, whom I would like to meet.

Describe a person in the news that you want to meet.

Describe a restaurant that you like.

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