Describe a restaurant that you like.

Describe a restaurant that you like.

General line- In India, there are infinite restaurants where people usually celebrate their happiness. As today I have got this privilege(chance) to share my views on a particular restaurant which I often visit with my friend and family.

Where this restaurant is?

The name of that restaurant is Haveli which is stone’s throw away from my village. So, it is not hard for me to reach over there.

What kind of food the restaurant has?

It is a themed restaurant. The architecture and interior of that restaurant has been designed with traditional connotations. Moreover, there is variety of food available. Just like it’s architecture that restaurant is very famous for it’s traditional Punjabi food.

Why do you go to this restaurant?

The cardinal(main) reason why I invariably(always) choose that place for devoting my time is that, the environment over there is immensely tranquil as well as mesmerizing. Extremely splendid flowers are planted around that place in order to make it look blissful. Moreover, the best part is that Punjabi culture is taken into consideration meticulously, just mainly owning to it is designed as to some historical Punjabi fort and there are some performances which are done to appease the spectators.

Explain why you like this restaurant?

Well, there are ample things which I liked over there, but major one is the essence (vibe)  of that place which is very welcoming as well as whenever someone visits that place, it becomes part of their memories.

Describe a restaurant that you like.

Describe your idol.

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