Describe a person you know is from a different culture.

Describe a person you know is from a different culture.

General line – As being a gregarious(sociable) person, I am in touch with number of people who belong to distinct(here: different) cultures. Today, I have got this privilege(opportunity) to unveil(reveal) about a particular individual who is from foreign culture.

Who the person is?

He is none other than my online friend who is a social butterfly(a person who likes to make friends and attend parties) and entirely connected with his culture and his name is Jimmy.

Where he is from?

He lives in England and he is British.

How do you know him?

As I have memory like an elephant, so I conspicuously(clearly) remember, during the pandemic of corona, my life was so boring, so I started using Omegle, this is an application where one can have conversation with strangers. And, at that time I met with Jimmy, at first he greeted me in a polite manner. It made me feel special, he said it is the part of his culture to behave well with others. Moreover, I found him extremely engrossing(interesting). So, I gave him my Instagram username to know more about his culture. Once upon a time, while having conversation he told me myriad(here: a lot of) things about British culture, like how people do not discriminate between genders as well as how dwellers(residents) of England make food. The best thing that I found about his tradition was that, after turning to age 19 all of the individuals can become independent and earn their own money for managing their financial expenses.

How do you feel about him and his culture?

Without any doubt, the veracity(accuracy) is that, I feel quite marvelous(great) about culture of England and number of things are left that I would learn from my online friend as soon as it is feasible(possible).

Describe a person you know is from a different culture.

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