Describe a resolution you made in the New Year.

Describe a resolution you made in the New Year.

General line – predominantly, all of the individuals make resolutions with the great curiosity in the New Year and some of them encounter failures simultaneously, I too made a resolution in this New Year which went successful. Today I have got this opportunity to express about it.

What is the resolution?

Well, I have memory as an elephant, so I precisely remember a few days ago I was addicted of my Smartphone and I kept playing virtual games till the midnight so, I became victim of insomnia due to which I faced number of physical issues. I realized that it is happening just mainly owning to I was suffering from Nomophobia, and then I decided to get rid of utilizing long hours on screen.

How you completed it?

To be honest, it was an arduous task to make that resolution because I was entirely into my phone. However, I had made commitment with myself like I will be untied from my phone from the New Year. And then I reduced spending time on my mobile instead I started doing studies for improving myself personally and professionally.

How you felt?

Without any reluctance I can say that, I felt like a dog with two tails after getting rid from my mobile.

Why you made this resolution?

Generally speaking, I had to make this resolution because I could not compromise with my education as well physical well being.
Conclusion – Eventually, I would like to say that it was all about a resolution that I made currently in the
New year.

Describe a resolution you made in the New Year.

Describe something you shared with others.

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