Describe something you shared with others.

Describe something you shared with others.

General line – Sharing is a marvelous(great) thing to do because it strengthens the bonding of individuals with each other. Today I have grabbed this privilege(opportunity) to unveil(reveal) about a thing that I used to share with my fellows(here: classmates) in the journey of my school life.

What and when the thing you shared?

Well I have memory like an elephant, so I remember when I was studying in 5th standard, I invariably(always) shared my lunch box because my mother taught me that sharing is a good habit which shows your politeness to the others.

Who you shared it with?

I always tended to share it with my companions just mainly owning to some of them were not able to carry their own food due to the deplorable financial conditions. Moreover, the cardinal(main) reason why I used to share my tiffin was that, my friends liked the food cooked by my mom, so she used to pack extra food for my friends. Furthermore, another thing which insisted me to do sharing was that, I could also taste other food when we sat together for lunch.

How you felt?

I felt happy as Larry(extremely happy) because I made real friends through my sharing habit in my school life and I would never quit this thing.

Describe something you shared with others.

Describe how you use technology in your everyday life.

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