Describe a stadium in your area.

Describe a stadium in your area.

General line – As India is a diverse country so there are immense(huge) arenas where people can not solely(only) watch the sport events but can also perform. Today, I have got this privilege(chance) to unveil(reveal) about a particular stadium of my locality.

Name of the stadium?

Well, it is known as Kuldeep Bajwa stadium, it’s history of keeping this name is extremely good because Kuldeep Bajwa was a police officer who got martyred and this stadium was built for his remembrance.

Where it is located?

It is stone’s throw away(not very far) from my home and it takes me hardly 10 minutes to reach over there.

How often you visit there?

Well, I visit there frequently just mainly owning to I am a kabbadi player so I just want to stay fit as fiddle, predominantly(mainly) I go there with my friends at evening because at that time there many other players who come there with whom we feel a stiff(hard) competition.

How important this stadium is?

This stadium is really paramount(important) because it memorizes us about that police officer who sacrificed his life at very early age. Moreover, there is his engrossing(interesting) statue. Furthermore, this stadium gives an advantageous opportunity to everyone to perform their talent among others. The best thing about it is that, people who are not able to consume healthy diet, they can get that over there at free of cost.

Talking about the facilities, there are almost 1000 chairs for the spectators(audience) because it is quite eminent(famous) so in this way individuals could comfortably enjoy the match as well as there are some soda vending machines if people would want to have a drink so they can while watching the live performance. The bottom line is that, in this stadium cleanness is taken into consideration by the locals and mostly players clean this by themselves.

Describe a stadium in your area.

Describe an occasion when many people were smiling.

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