Describe an occasion when many people were smiling.

Describe an occasion when many people were smiling.

General line – I have tendency to make others laugh as much as I can because these days stress level is at the pinnacle(peak) and if someone feels happy because of me, then I am happy too. Today, I have got this privilege(opportunity) to talk about a particular occasion when I saw huge number people giggling under one roof.

When it happened?

As I have memory like an elephant so I conspicuously(clearly) remember, in 2020 my elder brother came from USA to India because it was his wedding event.

Who you were with and what happened?

Well, at the day of wedding I was spending a quality of time with my parents, we booked an exorbitant(luxury) resort for my brother’s wedding as well as a proper management of food was done because most of the guests get great pleasure after having a good meal at any event. Moreover, all of the guests wore a beautiful smile on their face due to the splendid(here: royal) treatment, as we invited a comedian for entertainment purpose who was cracking lame jokes, so in this way mostly people felt as happy as larry. Furthermore, my family members were greeting others at wedding just mainly owning to everybody would feel special and part of our family, truly all guests were having grinning faces.

Explain why many people were smiling?

Lastly, there were dozens of cameras all around in order to make sure that everybody is looking happy and cheerful when people faced cameras they were wearing smiles on their face. At the end, all of them were happy for newly wedded couple and this was the occasion when I saw first time that much people at one time showing their pleasure to each other.

Describe an occasion when many people were smiling.

Describe a time when you helped someone.

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