Describe a time when you got angry.

Note: Students often get confuse in these types of cue cards. They have to speak the cue card in past tense and not in present tense. It is advisable to read the statement of the cue card twice before making up an idea. And please try to give relevant answers according to the questions.

Describe a time when you got angry.

General line– Well, my nature is quite amiable (friendly). So, I don’t get vexed (irritated) easily, but sometimes I can be desperate in some sort of worse situation. Today, I have got this privilege to unveil about particular time when I was extremely angry.

1. When it was ?

If my memory serves me better, once I was having conversation with one of my best friends. Suddenly, he started flaunting his phone cover which his father brought from abroad. So, I ordered one case from Amazon that was looking so splendid (great), exactly as my friend’s mobile cover.

2. Why you got angry ?

When I ordered it , the date of getting my cover was 13 October. So, I was waiting for it eagerly but, it did not reach at the given time. Then, I lost my control because I had to be patient. After this moment, I just called to customer care center of Amazon. Then they said it will be reached after 3 days. So, I got disappointed. After waiting three days I got my order and I was so interested to see it. But, I got shocked when I looked my mobile cover it was literally opposite to my anticipation (expectations) because it was looking tremendously (greatly) lame. The worse part was that, my friends were laughing at me because I kept so much expectations. Then, I gave infinite bad reviews on the website of Amazon because in the pictures they showed the appearance of that cover immensely (extremely) magnificent (impressive). At that moment I did not only got angry but also lost my trust on online shopping.

3. How you felt ?

No doubt the veracity (accuracy) is that, I felt blue (sad) just mainly owning to I devoted hefty (large) amount of money but,it was not worthy.

Describe a time when you got angry.

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