Describe an advertisement you remember well.

Describe an advertisement you remember well.

General line– Well, I have an elephant memory so it is a convenient task for me to memorize the things which I see on television. Today, I have got this privilege to unveil about a particular advertisement that I
remember conspicuously (clearly).

1- What is it?

The advertisement was all about a biscuit brand known as Britannia, it is a favorite snack of every child in India. Because when it was advertised on phone or television, advertisers used some characters of cartoon that attracted the young ones.

2- When and where you saw it ?

I still remember, when I was just 9 years old, I was watching anime on TV. Then, suddenly advertisements
started appearing at the bottom side of screen that was of Britannia biscuit. I paid full attention to it
instead of watching anime. Because on the package of the biscuit there was an image of doraemon which I loved to watch at that time.

3-what happens in it?

I was getting curious to know more about it. Then I saw it on YouTube meticulously (carefully/keenly), after that I came to know about that some lucky customers can get a chance to meet with doraemon. As I was a child, I thought that cartoon exists in reality. Then literally I insisted to my parents badly to buy one packet of Britannia for me. However, I did not get the opportunity to meet with him but, it was quite appetizing so I did not feel blue (sad) at that moment. Moreover, the best thing was that , some tiny size of gadgets were free with per packet. So it made me feel so delightful as well as I started purchasing at least one biscuit on the daily basis. So I could congregate (collect) more and more gadgets.

Conclusion– Ultimately, I would like to say that these all reasons are responsible for why I remember the
advertisement of Britannia cookies proficiently (with experience).

Describe an advertisement you remember well.

Describe a time when needed to use your imagination.

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