Describe a time when you had disagreement with someone.

Describe a time when you had disagreement with someone.

General line – Truly, I have arguments with others very erratically(unexpectedly) because I love to stay away from negative vibes. Because silly disagreements can make anyone feel miserable. However, today I have got this privilege(opportunity) to unveil(reveal) about a particular time when I had to be a part of an argument.

Who was the person?

Well, I have memory like an elephant so I precisely remember, when I just passed my high school, my elder brother was thinking about opening his own business and he wanted to make a part of that.

Why did you have disagreement?

He told me to invest 50% to open a café in the market just mainly owning to I am an e-sport player. And I earn hefty amount of money by playing some tournaments. At first I started freaking out about like, then what if our decision would go wrong in the end. Because where he thought to set up the business there were already many other opulence(luxurious) cafes. To be honest, I bluntly said no to my brother because our spending could be squandered(wasted). As I did not have any experience in this field. Moreover, our normal discussion got converted into argument and he started shouting at me. Then I told him I want to pursue my carrier in gaming.

Was the issue resolved? If yes , how?

After an hour of debate we made a wise decision which was that I would do gaming at my home and not come to café. Just I would have to spend half money on it and then I would get 50% profit at my house without working. At the end, I thought if my brother really wants, then I must trust him and I gave him money. The bottom line is that, now I am earning through gaming and café simultaneously(all together) and really now our parents are proud of us and literally it was a wise decision of my brother to open up a café.

Describe a time when you had disagreement with someone.

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