Describe an unforgettable bicycle trip.

Describe an unforgettable bicycle trip.

General line – As being an avid(enthusiastic) traveler, I invariably prefer to go somewhere on bicycle because it not only helps me to burn calories but also makes me feel happy. Today, I have got this opportunity to talk about a particular bicycle ride which is etched(here: pictured) in my memories.

When it was?

Well, I have memory like an elephant so I precisely remember, a few months ago I purchased new
mountain bike.

Where you went?

So, me and my friends decided to go to Himachal because we all are rider and we can ride as much as it is possible because we make vlogs on youtube of trips. It was the first time, when we decided to go to the mountain area.

What happened during trip?

When we started our journey, suddenly it started raining. But we did not alter(change) our plan, rather we wore rain coats and continued riding. During our journey, we witnessed spectacular(here: mesmerizing)
views and the best thing was that, when rain stopped a rainbow appeared which was looking splendid(great).

How you felt about it?

Truly, I can not forget that bike ride because we encountered adversities(difficulties) as well as had fun all together. When me and my rider friends were about to reach at our destination, my bicycle’s chain got broken and instead of freaking out, we thought to find a solution. Then I saw a video on Youtube and I had some tools so I repaired it on my own. Honestly, this thing made that trip tremendously(very) adventurous. The bottom line is that, I made vlog throughout the journey and when we reached in Himachal, I uploaded that on Youtube after editing and really it got viral in few hours. And when I saw this thing, I felt as happy as larry(very happy) and till now it is the most viewed video on my channel.

Describe an unforgettable bicycle trip.

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