Describe a traditional product of your country.

Describe a traditional product of your country.

General line – Well, I cherish my country’s tradition and products too. Because they connect people with their roots as well as they are the part of our heritage. Today, I have got this privilege(chance) to unveil(reveal) about a particular product of my nation which known as mango pickle.

What is it?

Well, it is originated in India. Majority of the dwellers(residents) of my country tend to have pickle with their meals because it adds a tangy flavor to the food. Even it is considered that pickle helps to digest the food.

How is it made?
When did you try it for the first time?
Why do you like it?

Moreover, it is the cardinal(main) source of income from ages in India. Like in the previous years people used to make mango pickle and sell them across the cities. And still it is as crucial as it was in the past. Rather it could be more eminent(famous) because mostly big companies have started exporting mango pickle to the different countries. Ultimately, it leads to rise in economy. Moreover, predominantly(mainly), it is made in the summer season because it has to be dried before getting ready to eat and obviously summers are the season of mangoes. The best thing about mango pickle is that, unlike other pickles, it requires very less ingredients and time simultaneously.

Describe a traditional product of your country.

Describe a plant, vegetable or crop that you are familiar with.

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