Describe an advertisement that you don’t like.

Describe an advertisement that you don’t like.

Introduction- Advertisement is a way through which companies can promote their products. It can be through hoardings, television, radio and so on. Here I’m going to talk about one particular advertisement which I do not like.

  • When did you see it/ Where you saw it

I vividly remember that last week after finishing my whole work, I was scrolling my instagram, then suddenly it appeared on the screen.

  • What is it about

The advertisement was about new brand of energy drink which was ‘Sting’. This add was advertised by famous bollywood actor. In this ad, company tends to show that after drinking this drink you will feel instant energy in your body and you will feel fully charged up. Moreover, the hero in this ad showed that he carry a 100 kg dumbbell after drinking this energy drink.

  • Why you don’t like it

I do not like this ad because I think that soft drinks are harmful for our health. To be honest, I do not think so that from a soft drink, a person can get instant energy in a body, that a person can carry 100 kg after drinking it. The most important thing that the ingredients which are used in this drink are harmful for person’s body and do more bad than giving energy. Some also contains caffeine which is not good if taken much in quantity for longer period. So all in all this all about the advertisement that I do not like.

Describe an advertisement that you don’t like.

Describe a time when you were late.

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