Describe an invention that changed the people’s life.

Describe an invention that changed the people’s life.

General line – This is the age of modernization, without any doubt I can say that most of the works are done by technological gadgets and every day some individuals invent something new that is going to be used by us. Today, I have got this opportunity to divulge(reveal) about a particular invention which has altered the way of our living.

What is it?

It is the invention of mobile which was originated in the New York City in 1973.

How has it changed?

Truly, it made people’s life quite easier then before because people got access to have conversation with someone without covering the way in kilometers.

What benefits did it bring?

In the recent years, this invention got some modifications. So people have been shifting to smart phone from keypad phone. Nowadays, users are taking full advantage of it. As they complete their homework with the help of phones. It is the easiest way I think to complete homework because people can type faster as compared to writing. Even auto correction is the another thing which can be considered as a great benefit for youngsters. To be honest, since smart phones have been launched Indian mothers are tremendously(very) happy because they love to watch distinct(different) recipes on phone.

Explain if it is more important for older or younger people?

Moreover, there are some lousy(bad) impacts of this too. Like children can be addicted to mobile phones. So, rather than playing outside games they would choose to indoor ones. So in this case I would say everything in a limit is optimal, even technology too. Besides this, propitious(good) effect of mobile phone exists simultaneously. In the straightforward words, youngsters are making immensely engrossing(interesting) content as well as they are doing live streaming on youtube and other platforms. So in this way they earn hefty amount of money and become bread winner at early age. This all is possible just mainly owning to the invention of mobile phone.

Describe an invention that changed the people’s life.

Describe a traditional product of your country.

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