Describe an unusual meal that you had.

Describe an unusual meal that you had.

General line – Predominantly(mainly), me and my family members enjoy simple and traditional food rather than having such weird cuisines. Today, I have got this privilege to divulge(reveal) about a particular meal which was extremely strange.

Who you were with?

As I have memory like an elephant so I conspicuously(clearly) remember, when I was studying in 12th standard I was tired in my exam preparation and after putting too much efforts I gave my best shot in final exams. Then my father decided to take us to a tremendously opulence(luxurious) hotel in order to have some fun.

Where you went?

When we reached at that hotel we saw number of options on menu.

When it happened?

The bottom line is that, there was Japanese food as well, then we ordered sushi just mainly owning to we never tried that kind of edible before.

Why it was unusual?

It was looking so finger licking but when we ate it was not as delicious as it looked.. As being gastronome(a person who loves eating) I felt very sad after eating it. Then we order some traditional dishes. So all in on this was all about the unusual meal that I had.

Describe an unusual meal that you had.

Describe an occasion when many people were smiling.

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