IELTS Common Essay Topic – Behavior

IELTS Common Essay Topic – Behavior

Behavior is the way with which we interact with each other and ourselves.

  1. Good behavior – Good behavior can be defined as when you respect your elders and act as per society’s rules, norms and tradition.
  2. Bad behavior– Bad behavior can be defined as when individual does not work as required in the situation in scientific terms.
  • What makes our behavior?
  1. Parents are the first teacher of an individual. They teach individuals to polish their personality so that they can interact with the society in a good way.
  2. Schools provide formal education which helps to regulate individual’s behavior which actually amplifies their skills.
  • What influences a person’s behavior?

A person can be influenced by the various factors and entities


  • Factors which can negatively influence an individual’s behavior:
  1. Negative peer pressure can badly impact an individual’s behavior. A person can get defocus from his work/studies being in contact with bad company.
  2.  TV and movie (digitalization and internet) – Individuals below 18 years do not have sense of maturity to differentiate between entertainment and violent scenes, which ultimately drifts them towards bad elements which can impact one’s behavior.
  • Factors which can positively influences an individual’s behavior:
  1. A person learns so much from his surrounding people. They adapt many things from his parents and teachers. A person can learn good manners and values from his elders.
  2. Positive peer pressure can greatly impact a person. Good friends and fellows can motivate an individual for good deeds. They can even keep an individual away from the bad elements of the society.
  • Censorship and control:

Parents and regulating authorities (schools and colleges) should regulate the source of knowledge and information which actually builds the personality of a child.

  • Mental health and social behavior:

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological and social well-being. It is concerned with stability of the mind.

Social behavior is interacting with other people.

  • Causes of bad mental health:
  1. Comparison of an individual with another can cause depression.
  2. Lack of motivation and commitment can have greater impact on mental health.
  3. No clarity about aims and future leads to bad mental health.
  • Consequences / results of bad mental health:
  1. Bad behavior of individuals with family and friends.
  2. Lack of dedication in the work.
  3. Individuals start to avoid social life (interaction with other people).
  4. Sometimes individuals turn into criminal as a result of bad mental health.
  • Stress:
  • Modern lifestyles are increasingly stressful
  • People work long hours with strict deadlines
  • Our busy lifestyles mean we have less time to relax
  • Unemployment is a major cause of stress
  • Children may be affected by their parents’ relationship problems
  • Tests and exams can also cause stress


  • How to Reduce Stress:
  • Regular exercise and eating a healthy diet can reduce the stress.
  • It is also important to get sufficient sleep and make leisure time a priority
  • People should work less overtime and take regular holidays
  • Schools have started to employ psychologists
  • They can offer emotional support to students
  • They can help students to cope with exam stress
Sample Topics:
  • Young people are often influenced in their behaviors and situations by others in the same age. This is called “peer pressure”. Do the disadvantages of peer pressure outweigh the advantages?
  • Digitalization has a great impact on the behavior of the youth. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?
  • Some believe that it is duty of the parents to impart good values in their children while others believe that it is the responsibility of the teachers. To what extent do you agree or disagree with either of these views?

IELTS Common Essay Topic – Behavior

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