IELTS Common Essay Topic – Reading

IELTS Common Essay Topic – Reading

Reading plays an essential role in an individual’s life. Reading is an activity which one can do for purpose or for leisure. A person can do reading to gain knowledge or to enhance his already existing knowledge. Moreover, a person can read for pleasure or to polish the language that he reads.

  • Benefits of Reading:
  1. a) Reading helps in the personality growth of a person.
  2. b) Gain more knowledge
  3. c) Becomes more focused

Reading includes- books, newspaper, blogs

  • Paper books (Traditional mode of Reading) V/S E-books (Modern mode of Reading):


  • Benefits of Paper Books:
  1. a) They are affordable.
  2. b) They are used for detailed reading and understanding. As a reader can read for longer hours and make notes and queries on the book only, this makes it easier for further detailing.
  • Drawbacks of Paper Books:
  1. a) Cutting of trees. Papers are made from the pulp of the pulp of the wood. So, more and more trees will be cut down for more paper production.
  2. b) Sometimes, certain edition of the book has a limited production and is published in particular area only. Due to this, some books are not available worldwide.
  3. c) The content of a paper book cannot be updated. For the updated content, reader has to buy a new book (a new updated edition).
  • Benefits of E-books:
  1. a) E-books are available all around the world.
  2. b) The content of E-books can be updated side by side. And a reader can get all the updations in the same edition only.
  3. c) Saves paper.
  • Drawbacks / Problems of E-books:
  1. a) Not good for eyes. Reading for longer hours on the electronic gadgets can stress the reader eyes and may cause damage to them.
  2. b) Readers cannot read in details as reading for longer hours on the electronics can be tiring. Reader may get demotivated and quit reading in between.
  • Children and Reading:


  • Benefits of Reading:
  1. a) Reading is very important for personality development of a child.
  2. b) It should be compulsory in schools.
  3. c) Best mode of education.
  • Books in Education:

Technology has transformed the traditional mode of education (paper books) into e-books.

  • Online Education V/S Offline Education:


  • Benefits of Offline Education:
  1. a) Face to face interaction
  2. b) Education through discussion and debates
  3. c) Good relation between teacher and student
  • Benefits of Online Education:
  1. a) Available 24*7
  2. b) Students can revise the lecture by listening it again
  3. c) Teacher has wide access to students
  • Problems with Online Education:
  1. a) No check over the performance of students
  2. b) No emotional relation between the students and the teacher
  3. c) Lack of learning attitude among the students
  • Libraries:


  • Benefits of libraries:
  1. a) Very important in schools, colleges and even in societies
  2. b) Helps readers and students to focus on their work
  3. c) Promotes reading as hobby among individuals
  4. d) Wide access of books to the readers
  • Offline Library V/S Online Library:

Technology has transformed even the libraries. Digital library has more number of books than offline library.

  • Reading and Leisure:

Reading must be promoted as a hobby among the individuals and students for their leisure time because reading helps to improve mental stability gather more knowledge and stay focused. Thus, it helps in personality development.

  • Internet Compared to Newspaper and Books:


  • Newspapers and books are now available online as well as in print form
  • We can read the news in any language from any country in the world
  • It costs nothing to publish or access information on the Internet
  • The Internet allows anybody to publish their own writing
  • Newspaper articles and books are written by professionals
  • Professionals produce better quality writing than amateur
  • People still buy newspapers and books because they are portable
  • People do not like reading from a screen
Sample Topic:
  • Some people believe that engaging in an active pastime does more to develop children’s life skills than time spent reading. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
  • Some people believe that reading from paper books is better way to learn while others say that e-books are better source of learning. Discuss both views and give example.
  • Television cannot replace the book as a learning tool that is why children are less well-educated today. To what extent do you agree with this statement?

IELTS Common Essay Topic – Reading

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