IELTS Common Essay Topics – Free V/S Paid

IELTS Common Essay Topics – Free V/S Paid

Free- When you do not pay for services or facilities.

Paid- When you pay for services and facilities.

  • Actual / Real value V/S Selling value:

Actual value – The value of product when they are manufactured. (Manufacturing value)

Selling value- The value at which a product is sold.

  • Why basic facilities must be free?

Natural elements – Water, air, soil.

Basic facilities – Education, basic medical facilities.

  1. So that everyone can develop and evolve.
  2. Also, it creates equality.
  • Disadvantage of providing basic facilities for free:
  1. Firstly, it reduces the value of basic facilities.
  2. Secondly, it increases the wastage of natural resources.
  3. Moreover, people may misuse these elements and facilities.
  • Why everything (including basic facilities) must be paid?
  1. To maintain the value of basic facilities, everything must be paid.
  2. To maintain/improve the supply of basic facilities like hospitals and schools (maintenance cost).
  • Disadvantages of paying for basic facilities
  1. Firstly, not everyone can afford.
  2. Moreover, it creates inequality.
  • How to estimate the value of something?
  1. Price of the product is considered to be valued.
  2. Cultural and social importance of the product.
  3. Original idea of a product helps to estimate the value.


Sample Topics:
  • Some people think that the government should strictly control the supply of fresh water, as it is a limited resource, while others think it should not to be regulated. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

IELTS Common Essay Topics – Free V/S Paid

IELTS Common Essay Topic – Society

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