Latest Speaking Follow up Question – AMBITION

Latest Speaking Follow up Question – AMBITION

1. What ambition do children usually have?

I believe that, predominantly children have goals to be accomplished related to their studies, like they want to get higher scores in their exams. This is their kind of dream which they fulfill by studying hard. Moreover, earning large amount of money by getting desirable job is another ambition of most children. For example, my younger brother always tells me that he wants to become a pilot the reason behind it is that he considers that he can be financially strong in future, if he get into this field.

2. Why are some people ambitious in their work?

I reckon(think) some people are tenacious(firm), so they put diligent(here: hard working) efforts at the workplace in order to get promotions. And in this way they can get the chance to make more money, so they would live a good lifestyle. Apart from this, some people are ambitious in their work because they love their work. In other words, it gives them inner gratification(satisfaction) does not matter they are getting good salary or not.

3. Why don’t some people have dreams?

As far as I am concerned, some individuals are lethargic(lazy), they just do daydreaming not hard work. So that is why they don’t have such goals in their life. Paradoxically, there are others too, who have dreams and caliber to achieve them at all costs.

4. How do people balance work and life?

I think it depends on person to person. Some people maintain balance in personal and professional life by not working for extra hours. So in this way they can give enough time to their parents and loved ones. As end of the day both things are important. There should be fixed time of work not deadlines. Moreover, some people prioritize their top tasks and do them first.

Latest Speaking Follow up Question – AMBITION

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