Latest Speaking Follow Up Question – JOBS

Latest Speaking Follow Up Question – JOBS

1. What kinds of jobs do young people not want to do in your country?

Well, I do not reckon(think) there are the jobs that youngsters don’t want to do, because already there is the adversity of unemployment in my nation. However, there could be very few works in which the interest of young ones is quite low like shopkeeper, accountant, receptionist and many more because in all these jobs they have to sit for longer hours so they get easily bored.

2. Who is best at advising young people about choosing job: teachers or parents?

As far as I am concerned, teachers and parents both know youngster’s weaknesses and upsides, but when it comes to select who is best at getting advice regarding jobs, teachers are good because they know very well about in which field students can give their best shot. As they have observed them at the school practically and theoretically. For example, my teacher once suggested me that I was not enough sharp at studying so I should go for being a youtuber because I always had interest in it, luckily now I am creator with 100k subscribers.

3. Is money always the most important thing when choosing a job?

To be honest, money is crucial for living an opulence(luxurious) life but in the work life, satisfaction is more important than salary and other things. If people are just running behind money when they are looking for job then ultimately they would be deprived of the actual happiness while working, rather at one stage they would get bored and leave their job. So, I assert(believe) that gratification is most important aspect as compared to the all things.

4. Do you agree that many people nowadays are under pressure to work longer hours and take less holidays?

To be transparent, predominantly employees are pressurized by the employers to work for extra time. Because bosses want their business to climb the ladders of success by giving deadlines to the workers. I think that, this is a good thing to boost the business, but it’s dark side is that, longer hours can put an adverse impact on individual’s mental state as well as their bonding with their loved ones could be weak.

5. What is the impact on society of people having a poor work life balance?

The impact of people who are having poor personal and professional life balance on society is multi dimensional. If people are just sitting at once place or working excessively, then there would be dearth(lack) of individuals to take their country to its actual potential. Moreover, humans would suffer from anxiety if they are not having perfect work life balance. Because in this way they could not be able to find the real purpose of their life.

Latest Speaking Follow Up Question – JOBS

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