Latest Speaking Follow Up Questions – FAMOUS PERSONALITY

Latest Speaking Follow Up Questions- FAMOUS PERSONALITY

1. What type of people are famous nowadays in your country?

In my nation, people who belong to Bollywood industry are eminent because they act well and represent a splendid story to audience by making movies. Moreover, cricketers, hockey players and many other sports professionals are renowned in India. As they glorify the name of our country on worldwide level so people follow them everywhere and have curiosity to know about them.

2. How do people become famous nowadays?

These days, getting fame is so hard because everybody is running in the race for becoming popular. Individuals become famous by uploading influential videos on some online platforms through this they get onto the path of progress. Furthermore, some strive to do introspection and find their inner talent, then they work on that and get famous by working hard.

3. What is the difference between people who were famous earlier and who are famous now?

In the previous years, individuals used to be famous because they had done some sacrifices for their motherland, so ordinary people made them popular. Moreover, some people are famous because of their work and creativity. However, nowadays, nepotism is something that makes people mostly successful. For example, in the Bollywood industry, children of stars are taking places of hustlers and getting eminent by making more and more movies.

4. What qualities do popular people have in common?

Without some unique qualities a star is nothing. Famous people should be down to earth so the audience would not consider them arrogant, in this way the fame can be retained for a long time. In addition to this, renowned personalities must have helping nature so the people who actually need assistance would get helping hand. I want to mention an example, an extremely famous person known as Anmol Kwatra is getting more popular with the passage of time because he helps others who are at worst.

5. What do you think about the nepotism among the famous people?

Well nepotism is unpropitious(unfavourable) because people who really deserve fame are not getting privilege to show their talent or opportunities to contribute to society. That is why, actual talent is deprived from audience and hustlers are giving up on their dreams. Moreover, nepotism has maintained its dominance in every field, even in the sports, old players tend to give chance to play on big level to their children or relatives.

Latest Speaking Follow Up Questions – FAMOUS PERSONALITY

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