Latest Speaking General Part Question – High School

Latest Speaking General Part Question – High School

1. Are you still in contact with your friends from high school?

Why not, still I have conversations with my school companions as I used to do earlier because I reckon (think) that everyone can find true friends in school.

2. What is your high school like?

Well, my high school was immensely magnificent (great) just mainly owning to the environment is so neat and clean. Besides this, there were a lot of class rooms and labs. Even, a number of beautiful flowers were planted which make the good first impression.

3. What happened on the first day of high school?

As I have memory like an elephant so I precisely remember. At the first day of high school I made lot of friends and all of students in class welcomed me. Apart from this, I was quite nervous at that moment because it was my first time when I socialized with that much people.

4. Did your parents choose high school for you?

To be transparent, my parents did not choose any high school, rather one of my aunts recommended them a school where I could complete my senior secondary education.

5. What subjects did you study in secondary school?

Well, in the secondary school I opted for various subjects such as Mathematics, Science, English, Punjabi and many more. But my favourite one was English because I love to communicate in foreign language.

6. Which subject did you like the least?

Truly speaking, there was no subject that I disliked. Because all of the subjects were containing something new which could be conducive (good) for me to hone (sharpen) my general knowledge.

7. Which secondary school subject do you think is most useful for people in adult life?

As far as I am concerned, English is the most beneficial subject in high school for adults because they can get tremendous (great) job opportunities through this. Moreover, they can be able to do study in abroad too, if they have good hold on English subject.

8. What part of your secondary school education did you enjoy the most?

Legit, I cannot say that there was any particular part in my high school that I enjoyed the most because all parts were equal. As our schools not solely (only) just put emphasize on academics but on physical activities too.

Latest Speaking General Part Question – High School

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