Latest Speaking General Part- Snacks

Latest Speaking General Part- Snacks

What snacks do you like to eat?

To be transparent, I love to have both savory and sweet snacks. My favorite one is Doritos, legit I can eat that nonstop.

Did you often eat snacks when you were young?

Honestly, I did not use to eat snacks as I do now. The only reason behind it is that, I was victim of obesity and it was strictly told by my mother to not have snacks at all.

When do you usually eat snacks now?

There is no certain time of having snacks. Whenever my craving increases then I tend to eat snacks. One more thing, I eat it along with my cousin because he brought many snacks recently so I had to share.

Do you think it is healthy for you to eat snacks?

Well, it depends on the amount of calories if I have snacks excessively then obviously it leads to severe problems, otherwise, if it is eaten in a limit then, it is healthy because it not merely contains fat but protein too.

Latest Speaking General Part- Snacks

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