Latest Speaking General Part – SHOES

All the possible questions related to SHOES are given with sample answers. So that beginners can easily get ideas for making up answers.

Latest Speaking General Part – SHOES

How often do you buy shoes?

To be transparent, I purchase shoes once in a month not more than that, because in the current phase of my life I am student so I believe in saving money rather than squandering(waste).

Have you ever bought shoes online?

Utterly yes, once I decided to buy a pair of shoe from Amazon and it was looking splendid in the pictures. But in reality when I received my order, it did not seem superior in quality so I consider this was my bad experience.

Do you know anyone who lives to buy shoes online?

Well, one of my friends loves to try on new shoes because he is an Instagram influencer, so he has to be dressed up well in order to upload his videos.

What is your favorite type of shoes?

To be honest, I am fond of sport shoes because they not only make me feel comfortable but also enhance my overall personality.

Latest Speaking General Part – SHOES

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