Latest Speaking General Part – Staying Up

In this article all the question related to the STAYING UP are given with sample answers.

Latest Speaking General Part – Staying Up

Do you often stay up late?

To be honest, I have tendency to sleep late because I have my own YouTube channel where I do live streaming till the midnight. So that is why I have to stay up.

Did you stay up late when you were kid?

Utterly no, rather I used to sleep before 10 o’ clock because I had to go to school then. As it is impossible to concentrate on study when one is sleepy so I preferred to sleep earlier.

What do you do when you stay up late?

As I have earlier mentioned I do live streaming. Apart from this, I love to try new dishes in the midnight because I am quite good at cooking.

What does it feel like the next morning if you stay up late?

Well, I feel relaxed because I don’t solely(only) sleep late but wake up late too. I mostly complete my sleep of 8 hours which removes my tiredness.

Latest Speaking General Part – Staying Up

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