Talk about a recent activity that made you happy.

Talk about a recent activity that made you happy.

General line – To be honest, I am into number of pursuits that make me laugh and uplift my mood. Even
some sorts of activities are conducive to kill the leisure time. Today I have got this opportunity to divulge
about a particular activity that made my life ecstatic.

What happened?
When it happened?

Well, a few months ago, I became the victim of obesity because I was not doing any kind of physical activity. Then, recently I decided to start doing workout in the gym with my friends. Truly it made my life meaningful because it is something that gives me energy and gives proper shape to body. Moreover, my life was so tame(boring) before joining the gym because I was free at my home and all of my friends were tied in their work life. But, now when my friends get free time, we do work out and have conversations simultaneously.

How you felt about it?

Well, I had insomnia(sleeplessness) sometimes ago, since I joined gym I got rid from it. Because when I come after doing workout my muscles get fatigue(tired) and I usually get sleep before midnight and really I feel so relaxed when my muscles are getting rebuild while sleeping. Furthermore, it is considered that, physical activities in the gym stimulate various kinds of chemicals that make people happier and less anxious. I reckon(think) that, it is the reason of my happiness because while doing exercise I listen music which gives me the next level pump to lift weight as much as I can.

Talk about a recent activity that made you happy.

Describe an actress or actor whom you admire.

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