Talk about an interesting old person you met recently

Talk about an interesting old person you met recently

Introduction:- It is generally said that old is gold and it is always a pleasure to meet old people and to share tones of stories and experiences.  Here I have got this privilege to unveil(reveal) about a old person whom I met recently.

  • Who is this person

The old person I recently met is Jaspreet Singh. He is around 75 years old. He is a retired army man. He lives in a same village in which I live. He is tall and as he was a soldier and he always keeps his body fit. He has a small hair cut and a white beard.

  • How you met him

I clearly remember that last month I went to a market to buy some things. Then Mr. Jaspreet came to me and introduced himself. He told me that he is a retired army man and he is giving tuitions to children. Then we talked for few hours and I told him about my studies and he shared his service experience with me.

  • How you know him

From the first day of meeting we became good friends. Now we go to a walk everyday in the morning. He also helps me in my study. Whenever I face some difficulties regarding my study I simply go to him and get solutions of my problems.

  • Why you found him interesting

I found that Jaspreet is very interesting person. The first and foremost thing about him is that despite the age of 75 he is able to maintain his body fit. Even he can walks more than me. He always prefers to eat healthy food and also gives me a proper diet plan for my good health. Moreover, he has a lot experience. He always guides me in my difficult situations and always gives me solutions of my each and every problem.

Conclusion: All in all, I can say that he motivates me a lot and I also get inspired from him.

Talk about an interesting old person you met recently.

Describe a place/ country in which you would like to live/ work for a short period of time.

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