Talk about something you borrowed from your friend.

Talk about something you borrowed from your friend.

General line – Truly, friends play a paramount(important) role in our life because we can expect help from them not only financially but also emotionally. Today, I have got this privilege(opportunity) to divulge(reveal) about a particular time when I had to lend money from my companion.

What was it?

When did you borrow?

Well, I have memory like an elephant so I precisely remember, last year on mother’s day I decided to do something special for my mom because I wanted to make her feel special. At that time, I thought to organize a party and purchase some gifts for my beloved mother.

Why you borrowed it?

Then I saw my budget, it was not enough for doing all the things that I planned. It was around five thousand.

Whom you borrowed it from?

Then an idea popped in my mind and I thought that I should call my friend for help. Because he always gives me helping hand. After that, my friend sent me ample(more than enough) amount of money online which was conducive(good) for me to organize party properly.

What you did with it?

Then, I bought a new dress for mother and did all arrangements of evening party. It all happened due to my friend who gave me money at that time. Truly, when I gave that surprise party and gifts to my mother she got emotional. Because it was the first time when she got a surprise party. Moreover, I returned the money which I borrowed from my friend within one week and I was grateful(thankful) of him for helping me.

Talk about something you borrowed from your friend.

Describe a time when you had disagreement with someone.

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