Band 7.5 Sample: The diagram below shows geothermal energy…

Band 7.5 Sample: The diagram below shows geothermal energy is used to produce electricity. 

The given diagram illustrates the information about how electricity is generated by using the geothermal energy.

Overall, a glance is enough to make it clear that there are mainly five stages in the production of electricity. The process initiates with the collection of cold water and ends with the generation of electricity with the help of generator.

To begin with, first of all the cold water is stored in one container which is above the land surface. After that this cold water is pumped under the ground below 4.5 km into the injection well. In the next stage the cold water is gathered in injection well. After that it goes through geothermal zone which contains hot rocks and these hot rocks convert the cold water into hot water. At the third step the hot water is sent to the production well.

Understanding the diagram in more details, when the hot water reaches the production well, then this hot water is subsequently pumped above 4.5 km to the ground level into the condenser. In the condenser the water gets converted into steam. At the final stage, the steam moves the turbine. Eventually the blades start rotating with the turbine. The generator has a connection with the turbine. When turbine powers the generator then it starts producing the electricity. After the generation of electricity, it is sent to power station. And from the power station, electricity is available to various localities.

Band 7.5 Sample: The diagram below shows geothermal energy is used to produce electricity.

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