Describe a character from a movie

Describe a character from a movie

Introduction –

Good characters in a movie really play an important role to develop our interest in movies .

Who is this character –

The name of the character is sushant Singh rajput. He played the main role in a movie M.S Dhoni : the untold story, who is a former Indian cricketer .

When did you watch this movie-

l watched this movie almost 5 years ago. This movie is the biopic of m s dhoni who is a Indian cricketer. Being a cricket fan ,I wanted to watch this movie but honestly speaking I watched sushant Singh rajput first time in this movie and I was bowled over by his acting.

What was the character –

He copied each and every detail of m s dhoni perfectly.Sushant Singh rajput played Ms dhoni’s famous helicopter shot very well.In fact , he was also appreciated by ms dhoni.As, one of his interviews, dhoni said the way I talk,I walk,he almost copied everything.
After watching this movie I searched on the internet about this character and I came to know that he practiced almost 13 months for this movie in order to mold himself into dhoni.I have watched this movie numerous times.

Unfortunately, sushant Singh rajput passed away on 14 June 2020 buthe is always in our hearts.He was one of the talented actors in Bollywood . So this is a character in my favourite movie whom I admire a lot.

Describe a character from a movie

Some people say that it is possible to tell a lot about a person’s culture and character from their choices of clothes.

Band 7.0 Sample: The two pie charts represent the use of energy in various segments.

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